AICPA, CIMA Members Overwhelmingly Approve Proposal to Position Profession for Future

A critical role of professional associations like ours is to meet the needs of members today while anticipating change and adapting to keep the profession vital tomorrow. That was the impetus for the proposal with The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) that the governing Council asked you to consider in the recent membership ballot.

The results are in and the AICPA ballot passed 86.5 percent to 13.5 percent, according to independent tabulator Survey and Ballot Systems. CIMA members also endorsed the proposal 89.7 percent to 10.3 percent, according to their independent tabulator Electoral Reform Services.

As a result of that overwhelming support by both organizations, we will join forces to create a new association focused on strengthening the entire accounting profession — both public and management accounting — through stronger advocacy, enhanced member resources and a broader platform to reach the next generation. The AICPA and CIMA membership bodies will continue in place and provide all existing benefits. You, our members, will remain at the core of everything we do. And the AICPA will continue its strong commitment to promoting, protecting and growing the CPA.

The new association will represent more than 600,000 current and future accounting professionals and will raise the profile of the CPA and CGMA designations in the U.S. and abroad. We will bring you advanced resources and market insights and have a stronger voice to protect the public interest. You will get these benefits and automatic dual membership in the AICPA and new association as part of your regular AICPA dues, which will continue to be set and adjusted in line with historic norms.

Today marks the start of a journey as we begin working to integrate operations and deliver additional value to you. The new association will launch in 2017, and over the coming months we will share more details.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the proposal. Our profession is strong because of the rich diversity of perspectives across so many practice areas and will be even stronger because of all the input and insight you shared along the way. If we can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Member Service Center at or 888-777-7077.

Again, thank you for your membership and your commitment to our profession.

  • The Proposal for the AICPA and CIMA Joint Venture Evolution


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Who Supports the Proposal

The proposal has received support from leaders across the profession including 52 state CPA societies:

  • Alabama Society of CPAs
  • Alaska Society of CPAs
  • Arizona Society of CPAs
  • Arkansas Society of CPAs
  • California Society of CPAs
  • Colorado Society of CPAs
  • Connecticut Society of CPAs
  • Delaware Society of CPAs
  • Florida Institute of CPAs
  • Georgia Society of CPAs
  • Greater Washington Society of CPAs
  • Guam Society of CPAs
  • Hawaii Society of CPAs
  • Idaho Society of CPAs
  • Illinois CPA Society
  • Indiana CPA Society
  • Iowa Society of CPAs
  • Kansas Society of CPAs
  • Kentucky Society of CPAs
  • Society of Louisiana CPAs
  • Maine Society of CPAs
  • Maryland Association of CPAs
  • Massachusetts Society of CPAs
  • Michigan Association of CPAs
  • Minnesota Society of CPAs
  • Missouri Society of CPAs
  • Montana Society of CPAs
  • Nevada Society of CPAs
  • New Hampshire Society of CPAs
  • New Jersey Society of CPAs
  • New Mexico Society of CPAs
  • New York State Society of CPAs
  • North Carolina Association of CPAs
  • North Dakota CPA Society
  • Ohio Society of CPAs
  • Oklahoma Society of CPAs
  • Oregon Society of CPAs
  • Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs
  • Puerto Rico Society of CPAs
  • Rhode Island Society of CPAs
  • South Carolina Association of CPAs
  • South Dakota CPA Society
  • Tennessee Society of CPAs
  • Texas Society of CPAs
  • Utah Association of CPAs
  • Vermont Society of CPAs
  • Virginia Society of CPAs
  • Virgin Islands Society of CPAs
  • Washington Society of CPAs
  • West Virginia Society of CPAs
  • Wisconsin Institute of CPAs
  • Wyoming Society of CPAs