A Message from the AICPA Business & Industry Executive Committee

As chair of the AICPA’s Business and Industry Executive Committee (BIEC), I am part of a dynamic group of professionals that represents and supports the unique needs of members working in business of all sizes and ownership structures. Much of our time is spent on identifying future trends and issues related to business, including advocacy and international operations.

As part of our role, the BIEC has evaluated the AICPA proposal currently up for member vote. We unanimously support it and encourage all members to vote ‘yes.’ In addition to the committee’s endorsement, the AICPA’s Board of Directors, its governing Council, 52 state CPA societies and employers and finance leaders across the U.S. and the world support it as well.

Under the proposal, the AICPA and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) would integrate operations through a new association representing the entire accounting profession, while preserving the AICPA and CIMA membership bodies. We think the approach will significantly strengthen our profession and allow us to better serve the needs of members in both business and public accounting.

As an AICPA member, you’ll keep all the benefits you receive now and gain access to a vast array of new resources and benefits.

Here’s why the BIEC so enthusiastically backs the proposal:

  • Increased recognition — The AICPA will continue to protect, promote, and grow the CPA, and the creation of the most influential accounting organization in the world will provide a broader platform to promote our designations.
  • Market insights — We’ll have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, because AICPA’s and CIMA’s relationships with employers around the world will keep us better informed of the latest market insights and international trends.
  • International community — Through the new association, we’ll be better connected to an international community of accounting professionals, with ample opportunity to share unique ideas and innovation.

We have a chance to make a lasting difference. Vote ‘yes’ for the AICPA proposal today.


Valerie Rainey, CPA, CGMA
Chair of the AICPA Business and Industry Executive Committee
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CMA CGM America