Our profession is about quality – quality work, quality service, quality talent. The AICPA is committed to constantly raising the bar in all these areas. This proposal builds on our work to keep the CPA’s core values at the heart of the financial system, grow the CPA pipeline and advance the entire profession. Over the past five years, we’ve taken great strides to further professionalize management accounting in the U.S. With CIMA, we’ve created a management accounting competency framework, an online learning resource, a new web site and magazine, and global management accounting principles to define best practices. By taking the next step, the AICPA and CIMA can do more together. We will have a stronger voice to protect the public interest as regulation development becomes increasingly international. We will have more agility to develop resources that respond to the rapidly changing business environment. And we will have a broader platform to reach the next generation of talent.

This proposal has received support from across the profession: