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The AICPA has been committed to you and the core of the CPA profession for 128 years. This proposal builds on that commitment to extend the profession’s relevance into the future. You’ll still be a member of the American Institute of CPAs, which will remain dedicated to protecting, promoting and growing the CPA. The proposal’s benefit is having a stronger voice to protect the public interest as regulation development becomes increasingly international. Meanwhile, the AICPA will continue to build the CPA pipeline and modernize core services to meet evolving marketplace needs.

This proposal has received support from across the profession:


What your peers are saying:

The AICPA’s Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) is dedicated to helping CPAs run their practices more efficiently and to providing resources that help them adapt to opportunities emerging in the current marketplace. The PCPS Executive Committee supports the AICPA member ballot because it’s the right move for the profession. Little would change for us on a day-to-day basis. We would remain AICPA members, while also gaining membership in the new association. We encourage your yes vote on this measure.

Joel Olbricht, CPA
PCPS Committee Chair
President & CEO, Olbricht Storniolo Group

I am a sole proprietor of a forensic accounting and consulting practice and—like many CPAs—I am by nature skeptical. So after analyzing the data thoroughly, I have decided to vote yes on the AICPA’s proposal. I see it as an additional feature of my current membership. Here’s why I think you should vote yes too:

  • Our AICPA membership won’t change day-to-day, and we will benefit from enhanced advocacy efforts.
  • CPAs gain a stronger voice on regulations and standards that increasingly start in the international arena and migrate to the U.S.
  • The proposal explicitly commits to continued protection of the CPA as well as a focus on existing core services like tax and audit.

Annette Stalker, CPA, CFF, CFE
Stalker Forensics
Chair of the AICPA Forensic and Litigation Services (FLS) Committee

I am passionate about mentoring the young professionals at my firm and often emphasize that the accounting profession is the best profession. I want the best for the next generation of CPAs, to help make our profession stronger and to sustain its relevance for future generations. So, I plan to vote yes on the AICPA’s proposal. It’ll enhance the profession’s voice on international advocacy for years to come, giving us a powerful platform to raise concerns about regulations that may be introduced in the U.S. from overseas. It’s a smart next move for the profession and for the next generation of CPAs.

Sara J. Mikuta, CPA, CGMA, CIA, CRMA
Director, Wipfli

I’m one of a growing number of CPAs providing strategic advisory services. I help clients weigh pros and cons while considering whether an initiative fits into their mission, vision and values. Often strategies are complex and it can take time to develop the right course of action. For some strategies, however, the right course of action is simple, like with the AICPA’s proposal. It’s a definite win for the profession and for every individual AICPA member. It’s a smart, strategic move for CPAs.

Dan Griffiths, CPA
Director of Strategic Planning
Tanner LLC

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